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About Us

“TIC Concorde Group” LLC is a manufacturer of electrical-and-lighting and panel-mounted products in Ukraine. ERKA trade mark belongs to “TIC Concorde Group” LLC. 


A young trading business unit was launched in manufacturing sector early in 2014.

The company was established in the middle of a crisis and was growing rapidly, meeting clients’ needs, using the latest methods of development under crisis conditions.

Presently, we have a very good stock and efficient office with a team of professionals.

Staff members:

Specialists stay on top of state-of-the-art developments in management and world market entries.

Company mission:

Provision Ukrainian and foreign markets with high quality electrical-and-lighting and panel-mounted products.

“TIC Concorde Group” manufactures high quality products. It ensures a thorough selection of suppliers, constitutive elements for production, continuous control over adherence to technology of performance of critical operations, product test, starting from inspections for compliance with technical characteristics to checks of quality of packing.

The continuous control of products and production by testing laboratories is a customary mode of cooperation between the company and regulatory agencies. Technical inspections of production by representatives of regulatory agencies confirm the high quality of industrial management..

Company’s leading market policy:

The Company is open to mutual cooperation in the sector of marketing electrical-and-lighting and panel-mounted products. This cooperation will bring benefit to all participants.

Intellectual potential combined with experience, flexible technical and economic policy enables us to feel confident about the future.